Our product is results, and our process is to build the custom solution for each client that delivers new customers.

ODO Lead Generation Solution

The ODO Lead Generation delivers qualified leads to our clients quickly and at scale. There is no integration, software to download, or trainings. Beginning with our initial consultation, we build a custom workflow and lead generation funnel, delivering results at scale in less than one month.

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Dedicated Project Manager

Your dedicated project manager is a trained ODO specialist. He or she monitors the select group of workers executing the lead generation, does actual lead gen outreach as well, and ensures that we are meeting or exceeding our KPMs and closing the feedback loop for continuous optimization.

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We start by A/B testing multiple variables to find the best messaging medium and who are the right decision makers, while simultaneously incorporating feedback from the PM and ODO workers. We’re also optimizing for variables like call/email timing, and worker performance. Once we’ve found the right recipe, we get cooking!

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100% Made in America

All ODO workers are based in the US, and have earned our highest level of permissions based on their quality of work, professionalism, and performance.

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Pay Per Results

ODO offers a pay per performance model to ensure that our incentives are exactly aligned, and that the client is only paying for the results it wants. To that end, ODO offers a price per lead model or a revenue sharing model.

When it comes to deployment we can make 500-1000 calls per day, per client, typically taking at least 25% less time than if a client did it in-house.

Our process

  1. Consultation

    We’re looking for long-term partners. We take the time to learn about your business, and tell you about ours to ensure a perfect fit.

  2. Defining the Target

    ODO can help you focus, build and segment your prospect list, doing as much of the heavy lifting as necessary.

  3. Messaging & Cadence

    We collaborate with you to create specific messaging and cadence, from the initial pitch to the handoff, so lead generation is seamless and scalable.

  4. Optimize & Deploy

    We start with a slow drip to optimize messaging, medium, timing and performance, then we turn on the faucet to fill the funnel!

  5. Delivery & Handoff

    We make email introductions, schedule calls and demos, and send you a customized spreadsheet of warm leads. You tell us how you want the handoff, and we’ll deliver.

  6. Analysis & Expansion

    There’s always room to grow. We help identify areas for cross-selling, market expansion, and strategies to continue scaling your business.

Custom Built for Unique Business Cases

Our lead generation solution is tailored to fit the specific needs of each client and each industry.

  • Healthcare

    The client identified the type of hospitals it needed to target, but partnered with ODO to figure out who are the right decision makers and to schedule demos of its SaaS product.

  • Logistics

    We work with our logistics clients to come up with a scoring system and then ODO screens the thousands of candidates who apply.

  • Agricultural Tech

    For the hard to reach decision makers in agriculture, we optimized the use of phone calls and emails, timing and cadence, to maximize our harvest.

  • Digital Agency

    We qualify brands and agencies for our client's unique products and services, communicating their value proposition and setting the stage for in-person meetings to close the deal.

  • Enterprise SaaS

    Taking the learnings from their ongoing lead generation, our client was able to identify an entirely new market for their customer support product.

  • Tickets / Events

    Our client was looking to expand into new markets with more repeatable business. We provided the scale to contact thousands of prospects and deliver new clients.

  • Real Estate

    Our clients need to tend to their farm, to use industry parlance, so ODO makes thousands of calls to offer free home appraisals and keep their prospects well cultivated.

  • Web Services/SEO

    We learn your product and pitch, take prospects through demos, and can go all the way down the funnel and close the sale.

  • Transportation

    We work with our transportation and materials clients to source suppliers and ensure they are getting the maximum number of quality bids for all their contracts, no matter how tight the timeline.