Project Coordinator

On Demand Ops is looking for a hard-working, goal-oriented, organized, and emotionally intelligent individual who will be a Project Coordinator for ODO clients using our Lead Generation, Recruiting, and Supply Management solutions.

The successful candidate will enjoy tackling new and different challenges that arise everyday from each one of our clients. He or she will lead by example, and will excel at speaking on the phone with clients and prospective customers, employees and/or partners of those clients, creating project templates and workflows, working in a fast paced environment, being a great team member, and delivering on multiple objectives in a timely and efficiently manner.

The Project Coordinator will lead the execution of multiple client accounts and will be responsible for that project from start to finish, from the introduction and onboarding of the client to the handing off of qualified leads/candidates/partners, as well as sending weekly reports. To achieve those goals, the Project Coordinator has to gather relevant information from the client and other sources, synthesize it into key objectives, create workflows, phone scripts and email templates that are laser focused on those key objectives, apply learnings and best practices, and then be obsessive about tracking performance and getting prospects over the finish line.

You will be performance will be measured by your ability to deliver for our clients and be a productive member of the team. You will be expected to understand the big picture and key objectives from both the client's perspective and ODO's, and then orchestrate all the little things that must come together to achieve the desired outcome.

You will have the opportunity to earn significant bonuses for successfully meeting and exceeding our deliverables, and you will have the opportunity to make impactful strategic decisions and grow your professional skill in sales, operations and as a manager.

This position will report to the Project Manager.

Expectations & Responsibilities
  • Succinctly articulates the scope and goals of the client and effectively communicates that to the team
  • Anticipates roadblocks and develops plans to overcome them
  • Persistent and entrepreneurial in finding ways to improve our performance and metrics
  • Demonstrates leadership skills for motivating and encouraging others
  • Possess organizational and analytical skills to make track and adjust projects on a regular basis
  • Is an inspiring and effective leader that can be resourceful and marshal the necessary resources
  • Ensures all projects are ready for launch and executed in a timely manner
  • Participate in the projects by making calls, engaging prospects and helping others throughout the process.
  • Able to work remotely in a quiet and professional location
  • Persistent, organized and goal oriented
  • Great customer service, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Able to develop new and improved strategies
  • Motivated by results, sales, and financial incentives
  • The ability to work in a fast paced, multi-tasking environment
  • Management experience
  • Extremely detailed and process oriented
  • Responsible, reliable and respectful
  • Base compensation of $12-$15/hour
About Us
  • Fancy Hands, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer.